My 30 days of Bikram Yoga
Three three three

Ok day two was ok. I made it to the track did 60 minutes. Also did 30 minutes of tabita hip hop, which was just fun!

Eating was good I had baked chicken wings which was tasty and a small salad. I think I ate too late and then I went to bed. So next week one of my goals will have certain times to eat.

Today day 3 came with a surprise. I woke up energized and decided to
Do a fat burning yoga cd. I also
Decided to have a subway veggie sandwhich on flatbread. It was 900 calories. I couldn’t believe it!!! No more subway for me.

I am on my way to walk the track and then get dinner.

Number 2

So far so good. I walked yesterday ate breakfast, same today. Getting ready to video journal. One word happy


Against my better judgement, I decided to sign up for the biggest loser contest that is being held at my job. I also have decided to video journal this transformation.

My first step was to come up with a mantra…. I decided on “everything is possible.” Next, I needed a plan. So the contest runs for 18 weeks which is a long time!!!! I decided weekly goals would work best for me.

Today is day one week one. My goals this week are 1. to work out once a day 6 days a week. 2. Eat breakfast 3. Be true my fitness pal app. 3. Post to tumblr daily.

Here we go!!

A Life Shift
My journey of TM



Can there ever be too many words? I love words, I love pictures. Can you post one too many. Can I receive your message or get on your frequency if you decide to keep rambling?

No longer 30 day challenge but everyday challenge

My 30 day challenge has turned into an everyday challenge.

Day 16 Socks

Decided to take the 9:30 am class, since I had one more day off of work. I have not been right since…..

Get to class at 9:15, to my surprise the room was not hot, just a little warm. I lay my mat down and begin to stretch. A first timer lays her mat very close to mine, so I sit up look around and realize its not crowded and plenty of space. I’m determines not to make her feel uncomfortable, but to throw positive energy her way.

So we greet with a smile, and lay back down. The instructor is a man, who is very loud, really loud, extremely loud. He began by checking out everybody’s mat and towels and then their feet.

Speaking of feet, normally I wear socks, primarily because I need a pedicure and have not taken the time to get it done. (yes, I know bad and ridiculous) however, the instructor made me
take my socks off!!! Really? Really? Ok no big deal, although I wanted to yell out “please no one look at feet, focus on your own feet people!” Okay but I didn’t.

Class begins and he instructor stays on my side of the room, I was trying to focus but this dude was paying attention to my every move, plus talking in a different language (note to self, get Rosetta Stone). At times he was annoying but I liked him and his style. A

I realized that although the class is for me, I tend to work a little more when the instructor is close. Looking forward to tomorrow 5 am!

Day 15 Up or Down

The last 15 days was a roller coaster except I was coasting. Situations I would normally be up for, I coast through and situations that would be totally a downer, I coast through as well. Overall, I balanced.

I think that is the perfect solution of life and the answer to perfecting life, just balance.

In class today, a co- lifer chose to move her mat completely in front of me, and then turned around and said “you should move your mat to the left or right because I am now blocking your view in the mirror” I looked to left there was no room I was already sitting a 1/2 inch from the person to my left, and to the right was the wall which I was already hitting.

I looked to her left and right of my fellow co-lifer and realized there was at least 47 inches to her left, but she chose to move her mat to block my mirror view.

Was there a solution?

Absolutely, I politely said okay, and didn’t move because I couldn’t move but I also realized this was an okay moment. No need to be upset or a need to send correction energy her way. I relaxed and gave my all.

Although, class was crowded and hot, I chose to coast through it and give it my best. So, to me I perfected that class.

I am looking forward to the next 1/2 of this challenge, I will coast through it while enjoying it and giving it my all.

Day 14 AM vs PM

This morning, I decided to attend the 7 am Bikram Yoga class, it was quite the challenge. Well, it down right hurt. Every pose seemed so much harder…

On the flip side, I was more focused and had more fun, I was laughing on the inside. I couldn’t believe how I was feeling and how my poses were so hard, I actually had to laugh.

I don’t know what the the problem was, but I’m determined to enjoy this morning class, therefore see you tomorrow at 5:00 am.